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According to the July 2020 ecosystem report prepared by StartupMarket, we have become one of the three most remarkable initiatives of July, as parkpilot that brings the technology of the future to your parking lot.

The most remarkable initiatives were mentioned in the 13-page report, which was prepared based on the data and kept the pulse of the startup ecosystem:

3 startups that attract attention at StartupMarket this month are parkpilot that develops technological parking solutions, fetalIST focusing on baby health in the womb, and Hype Merch, which gives us information about the sneaker shoe market. (StartupMarket)

As parkpilot, where StartupMarket visitors spend the most time in July, we always try to offer you the best service. We do this by combining the parking lots with technology and making them smart. We process the images we take from the cameras, combine them with deep learning algorithms and deliver the most suitable parking place to the users as soon as possible. As parkpilot, which shows the instant occupancy status and fees of the parking lots nearby, we save both users and institutions time with mobile payment. In this way, we provide convenience to users during vehicle use and to institutions in parking management. We improve the parking lot finding experience with smart directions and aim to change parking habits. Because we are aware of the importance of smart transportation and smart parking systems which are a part of it in the formation of smart cities.


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